About Us

Swarm is a digital media design and development company based in Leeds and York in the United Kingdom. The company was founded in 2007 and specialises in all the major disciplines of digital media. ‘Swarm’ and the Swarm logo are registered trademarks.

Our Mission

  • To provide high-quality, uniquely tailored digital media solutions.
  • To maintain competitive prices without compromising quality.
  • To build strong relations with clients by prioritising communication and approachability which will ensure client confidence at every stage of production and ultimately lead to a successful, quality end-product.

What We Offer

Our services include an extensive range of digital media solutions, such as websites, animations and content management systems. We also deal with graphic/print design, particularly in the areas of corporate identity, branding and leaflet/poster design.

Whatever the size of your business/organization, our one-stop in-house service allows us to keep the price of developing your project to a minimum. Our pricing system is very flexible and is designed to provide plenty of options for a wide variety of budgets.

Our enthusiastic, honest and down-to-earth attitude means that we tell it like it is and avoid any ambiguity concerning our work. We guarantee an end-product which fits exactly with your needs, ensuring that you avoid all unnecessary expenses of time and, more importantly, money.

For a complete list of the services we offer please visit the services page.

Who We Are

Luke McGahan

Luke is an experienced web developer who over the past 21 years has acquired a thorough understanding of web technologies/languages such as (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Flash and ActionScript, as well as web-standards and search-engine optimisation. His skills allow Swarm to maximise the potential of websites by ensuring they are produced to a high technical standard.

Mathew Sun

Mat brings balance to the team as a skilled graphic designer. He's spent the last 17 years designing for both web and print, specialising in graphic manipulation, visual branding and identity. Other skills include photography, animation and video production. With his in-depth knowledge of interfaces and usability Mat ensures every site produced is user-friendly and built with the target audience in mind.