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Category: Website Design

Description: Following on from the think Recruitment website, the main think website was made in partnership with Outside the Box who created the initial designs for the site. We then performed all of the development work.

As with the recruitment site, the site's most distinguishing feature is the video banner which provides an introduction to the think brand, this time aimed at clients rather than potential licensees. The video will automatically play when someone first visits the site, but has to be started manually on subsequent visits. The site also includes several other banner videos which play automatically on various pages.

The site features a subsection for each think licensee, containing a blog, profile page, contact page and feedback page. Clients are able to give feedback on a particular licensee, and the feedback is then aggregated and displayed on the licensee's profile.

The V.I.P. section provides manageable file downloads with a complex permissions system so that clients can easily view and download the files.

A photo gallery allows licensees to upload photos alongside a description and location tag.

The site also features a multitide of information pages that have been individually designed, covering topics such as the services offered, and case studies of past clients.