This section provides a selection of our previous work. Click on an item for a detailed and enlarged view.

Fluid Leader Website
Fluid Leader Website Website Design A website for Fluid Leader Group plc., a company which owns the rights to an invention that offers a possible solution to problems related to the maintenance of oil and gas pipelines.
Climate Change Game
Climate Change Game Flash Work A mini Flash game designed to be a light-hearted reference to climate change. The objective is to stop an army of clones from systematically destroying the world using coal powered cars and aeroplanes.
Clanhub.co.uk Website Design A gaming site designed to allow competitive online gaming clans to participate in ladders and competitions. This was an ambitious project to build a complex and full-featured site with private messaging, forums, match results / scheduling, clan roster management… More
Titans Forums
Titans Forums Website Design A forum skin for an online gaming guild called Titans. We created a whole visual identity for the guild which is reflected in the forum skin and logo that we created for them. The skin was created from scratch and has a distinctive gold and black colour scheme.
CallingAllHeroes.co.uk Website Design A superhero themed promotional mini-site for Talent Trust featuring a short video which plays upon the idea that anyone has the potential to be a superhero by donating to the charity. Each of the actors in the video play the role of an ordinary person with a… More
NGS Booklet
NGS Booklet Print Work An information booklet made for NGS, the proprietors of a new agricultural technology. The leaflet was accompanied by a video presentation with animated diagrams and a fully narrated demonstration of the technology and its uses.