This section provides a selection of our previous work. Click on an item for a detailed and enlarged view.

ICG Website
ICG Website Website Design The ICG flash website, designed to be a very simple but elegant point of contact for the company. The site features toggled text areas containing information about the different types of work the company does, as well as contact and location details.
ICG Logo
ICG Logo Graphic Design The Incarnate Creative Group's logo. Designed as part of the branding of their webiste, simply based on the company's initials with a light blue and white colour scheme.
ABC Electrics Website
ABC Electrics Website Website Design The ABC Electrics website. A simple, static website designed to provide information about the company and its services as well as contact information and an image gallery presenting the types of products and services they offer.
King's Castle Voucher
King's Castle Voucher Print Work The King's Castle restaurant in York asked us to design a voucher which was to be given to a raffle winner which would be exchangable for a free set meal for 2 people.
King's Castle Menu
King's Castle Menu Print Work The printed menu for the King's Castle restaurant in York. The menu was designed to be clear and straightforward to read using larger text than is commonly found on takeaway menus, and a simple, professional looking visual style was employed.
Shummi Website
Shummi Website Website Design The site for Shummi Chinese restaurants and takeaways. The clean and simple appearance is appropriate for a site where visitors are going to be most interested in finding the relevant information as quickly as possible. Accessibility is also a concern so the site… More